1. My idolize character!http://www.plurk.com/sakawawu

    My idolize character!

  2. CWT36 NEW item :D

  3. switching clothes! John & John! :D

    switching clothes! John & John! :D

  4. This year! 

    This year! 

  5. Postman Reese & Finch :D

    Postman Reese & Finch :D

  6. Karl Urban so hot!!! :D

    Karl Urban so hot!!! :D

  7. kd666:

    Sherlock Goods new arrival!!!

    For all bags/purses with replaceable belts, or you can use it in your own way :)

    It’s $15 per one, ship to anywhere of the world.

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  8. Happy New Year 2013!
    postcard for my friend. 

  9. Iron man!! Tony&Jarvis(human ver. )

    Iron man!! Tony&Jarvis(human ver. )

  10. Donuts! Sweets series - Person Of Interest

    Donuts! Sweets series - Person Of Interest